WWW Hostel - Events 

Who We Are


Monday - Karaoke

Founder & CEO

For the first 2 hours there will be free drinks for every song sung.

Tuesday - Pancakes

Tech Lead

Come join us for free pancakes every Tuesday evening, the perfect evening meal after a day of exploring Zagreb city. 


Wednesday - Beer Pong

Office Manager

Beer pong is a mind game, not a paddle game. Come join us and stand the chance to win €60!

Thursday - Greatest Fucking Game Show Ever

Product Manager

Are you ready for the GFGSE, then come join us for a night you will never forget, or will, that depends. 


Friday - Pub Crawl/Drinking Games

Founder & CEO

In life, we must first learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run, and only then fly. We cannot crawl into flying. Join us every weekend where we visit the best pubs throughout Zagreb city. Did we mention beer pong is included? 

Saturday - Pub Crawl/Drinking Games

Product Manager

Alright, you have already warmed up. Ready for round two? (P.S, if you joined on Friday night, keep your armband on, as you can then get 50% discount on this night!)

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Main Square Hostel- Events 

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Tuesday - Games Night

Founder & CEO

Join us for a chilled out games night where we have drinks while playing games like poker, foosball & PS4

Sunday - Live Music

Product Manager

Join us for a night of both local and commercial music played by our in house Croatian musicians. 

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